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Use it to make a Spa for glasses, finally can see the beauty on the road

Glasses are so important that they must be well protected. However, we usually clean glasses most also wash the lens and then wipe, like nasal bracket, lens frame joint position of the gap these places can only be helpless.





While we can go to the optician's and use their free eyeglass cleaning service, most people obviously don't make the trip for this kind of thing.

In addition to glasses, men's god's razor is also a worry - free thing. Most people just rinse with water after using it and don't notice that the tiniest whiskers haven't been washed off, which can be quite shocking in the long run.



What is the easiest way to clean these gadgets? Maybe you need an ultrasonic cleaner.






It works very simply.

The cleaner will continue to emit ultrasonic waves after starting up. Under the action of ultrasonic wave, numerous tiny bubbles will be generated in the liquid, which will immediately burst after the formation of kinetic energy impact on the surface of the stained pile foundation, thus removing the stubborn stains.



Users simply add Smartclean to the cleaner and switch it on.



Then just put in the cleaning items and turn on the power.



Then, you can witness the miracle...



It usually takes about 5 minutes to clean, but if you want it to take longer, you won't have any side effects. After all clean effect has much magic, a contrast graph understands.



Old people often say that water touch electricity is not safe, Smartclean shape is strong and simple, the sealing of the electrified area is very tight, don't worry about short circuit.。



Technology makes people lazier and lazier. Smartclean solves people's need for cleaning small items while greatly reducing labor consumption.



Less than 20 cm of the fuselage is very small, 410g of light weight, no matter at home or carry out without pressure.

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